Hard time losing the last 20 pounds

Lately I don't seem to be losing any weight nor any inches and I know there are better things than losing weight (like gaining strength, endurance etc) but it's frustrating. I should also say I have a condition called PCOS and weight loss really helps with managing the symptoms which is why I'm so eager to shed the last 20 lbs. So far I've been working out with FB and eating semi-clean for 5 months. Withing the first 3 months I've managed to lose 21 of the 40 pounds I wanted to lose. But for the past 2 months I haven't lost any.

I know it's not my food intake. I religiously count calories (1200) (probably unhealthy gonna have to stop soon). And I'm still exercising (FBBodyweight + running. Going to start FBSweat soon). Did any of you ever encounter a similar situation and if so how'd you over come this? Or is this normal and I'm just freaking out for no reason?