Just a little reminder...

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season. I just wanted to pop in to remind everyone to enjoy their time with friends, family, loved ones, etc. And for those who feel a bit lonely or stressed during the holidays, remember you have so much love and support in this beautiful community! (Crazy to think there are all these people we have never met that want nothing but for all of us to live our best lives!)

I also want to remind people to not stress about lack of exercise/ all the yummy food you'll probably experience this time of year. In my opinion, stressing over a missed workout or eating one too many Christmas cookies is a million times worse for you than just enjoying/ indulging a bit in this time of year. Your mental health will thank you, and you'll be that much more ready to jump back into things. I know personally it is a time of year that I appreciate the capabilities I have and that exercising and moving my body is often a privilege.

Merry Christmas!