Dealing with Body Changes?


I am about to start week 6 of diligently following Fitness Blender workouts. I did a lower body series to start, and now the focus is on abs. I was someone who never stuck to workouts before, so this is a totally new territory for me.

I wasn’t heavy to begin with—I just wanted to be fit and toned, and I am now on my way. However, I’m struggling a bit with some of the changes to my body. The outsides of my thighs have slimmed down noticeably, which is exciting. However, my butt is also going that direction. I’ve always been known for my robust rear, and I appreciated that. It’s definitely not flat now, but it’s size has decreased. *Obviously* it needed to since that is what has changed, but I’m struggling a bit with that. Frankly, it is almost enough to make me stop working out...I don’t think I will, but that is what has been weighing on my mind for the last couple of days.