Daily Check-in: Sunday, December 23rd


Welcome to the Christmas Eve Eve (Eve squared, perhaps?) Check-in! Or otherwise known as 2 days until Christmas! And for some of you, maybe just one day^^ ..My kitties must know Christmas is nigh; they NEVER want to share my lap for cuddles, yet here they are together, even touching noses at one point as seen in this picture that I was lucky enough to capture! Gosh, they sure know how to melt my heart over and over. And secure their Christmas presents, lol.

..So how is it fairing on your side of the world, FB Family? If things are getting hectic where you are, take a page out of K&D's playbook; Remember to breathe.

And here's something fun we can talk about and share on this special weekend before Christmas Check-in; Christmas music and movies! What songs and films do you hear or see that fire up the Christmas spirit or make you feel like a grinch? Tell us! ..For me, I enjoy the movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It's a classic around here and we watch it every year! As for music, I'm not sure. There's so many Christmas songs, how do you choose? And how many of you listen to Christmas music outside of the season? I have an uncle who listens to it all year. Personally I only want to hear it around Christmas time, but what about you guys?

Eh, feels like I'm having you all fill out a questionaire here or something, but how about some good workouts today? Sore or ready to get sore? Give us the battle plan! My #WorkoutCompleteForK&D is going to be more active rest by finishing up some wrapping that I didn't get to yesterday. Should be fun!

And how will you nourish your body today? Last question of the check-in, I swear. I will be eating more chicken quarters, but with some different sides. Maybe orange glazed brussel sprouts and some brown rice.

Ok, so, I think I've got to let you all off the Rambling Raven train now. See, I Kim ramble too^^ ..Seriously though, thanks again for jumping on and enjoying (enduring?) the ride so far! Keep in mind just 3 more days and this Kimposter is gone! ..I apologize again, Kim, but it turns out the audience loves these puns, so who am I to deny them? :P

To wrap this up like some gifts that need it, whatever you're tackling today, make it a great day, FB Family! :D