Daily Check-in: Saturday, December 22nd


Well, hello, happy Blenders! What is going on? Maybe you are asking that very same question regarding our daily staple Check-in. With blue skies to ease us into this, I'm back as your substitute Check-in host while Kim is away on a well deserved Kimventure! ...Ah, sorry, Kim; I'm not even one paragraph into this and I already threw in a Kim pun. It's not easy trying to follow in your footsteps. It's almost...Kimpossible? Hey, don't worry, that was my second to last one. A little less Kimspiration and a little more Ravenology, yes? ..The good news, if you will, is that this won't last forever; you guys only have to experience this different brand of Check-in until the 27th. Count down the days; I'll even do it with you! Because counting down to something is always fun, like the days left until Christmas! 3 days! Is it a mad dash around your place, or are you cool as a cucumber? I'm the former; I still have so much left to do until the day, but it will be a good kind of busy. Decorating, wrapping, baking, and if you are anything like me, I still haven't finished my gift shopping! :O ..I tend to be a procrastinator on these sorts of things, but at least my tree is up! ....Oh, and if any of you are traveling for the holidays, stay safe out there!

Alright, now that you all have a little sample of who you are dealing with, let's dive into the bread and butter of the Check-in; Workouts! Are you sweating it out or resting those muscles? Either way, it's a workout, because rest is just as important as work! I'm taking a rest day from working out, because today is typically my errand day, so there will be plenty of walking in there! And last minute shopping. Shopping simply has to count as an active rest day, lol.. But what is it for you today, Blenders? What's your #WorkoutCompleteForK&D ?

And ready for some required food talk? It gets yummier and yummier around the holiday season, does it not? So let's hear what's on your plate! Make our mouths water! I'm planning to have some roasted chicken quarters with stuffing and mixed vegetables on the side.

Anyway, to wrap this up, go out there and put the zing in your amazing day. And if today sucks for you, the promise of tomorrow being better is always a good feeling! Thank you so much for reading and checking in with the substitute! I'm glad I could help Kim out and that we can still keep these Check-ins alive and kicking! And that's all thanks to you super fine Blenders taking time out of your busy days to share little bits of your lives. I look forward to reading your posts! :)

PS: I hope you all don't mind, but I thought I could use this platform as an opportunity to share a snapshot of my world with you! The pic above was taken a few days ago. It's a picture of a wild black cherry tree loosing its leaves. The palm tree wanted to photo bomb, so whatever, but I think it's so pretty, the color changing leaves against a bright blue sky. Worth sharing? I think so!