Hey guys!!! So I tried to stop myself but I've weighed myself today (in a gym near me they have a machine which does all the body fat percentage and weight etc) so almost 12 weeks ago I went in and got my results on a piece of paper and I've had that hung up on my wall and I look at it everyday, today I went and re did the body scan, I embarrassed myself and cried when I read the results because I was in absolute shock. I have lost 20.2 kilos, and a total of 19.5% fat loss! I've gone down 4 dress sizes (almost 5!) I am going into the new year a completely new person!!! I'm so proud of myself, I have family coming over from England (I live in Australia) next year the last time they saw me I was 4 dress sizes bigger than I am now! None of them know I've been loosing weight I am so excited to show them how fit I am getting! Congrats to everyone on here making their lives healthier and thank you all so much for always encouraging me and supporting me. I have no social media so this is the only place I can actually talk about weight loss/workouts/food. Thanks Daniel and kellie you've changed everything for me!!!!! I've only ever used your workouts this whole 12 weeks and eaten clean, so thank you!!! I hope everyone ends their year on a high and smashes next year! 2018 is our year!! Xxxxxxx ps promise this is my last pic of the year Hahahaha xx