7 weeks of progress post-op. Cannot believe the transformation!!

This is a short story about gentle perseverance....

As some of you know, I had surgery in late July, couldn't exercise or lift anything for 2 months, then had emergency surgery again.

So late September I started again by doing very gentle stretching and practically could only march on the spot and couldn't do lifting. Late October I buy a special bikini that holds my prosthetic breast on the side that failed. I take a photo and see if I can make progress for holiday to Mexico....

I followed FB Sweat after 2 weeks and then sprained my ankle during it, so moved to FB Strong so I could keep going without HIIT. I completed that, then moved to FB Abs 2. I got through 2 weeks of it, then got a heavy cold and haven't done any since this past Sunday.

I've been feeling crappy all week because I've missed my FB!! So today, I decided I'd put that bikini on again and see if there was any change. WHAT!? I LOOK TALLER!? I LOOK LIKE WOMEN I'VE ONLY DREAMED OF LOOKING LIKE!

This is down to Fitness Blender. I have no idea what I was doing before it. I knew I wanted to love exercise, but struggled to have the willpower to do it regularly. Started with becoming enamoured with yoga! But felt it wasn't enough. Then I found Fitness Blender.

I have another surgery in the New Year to reconstruct my left side and I know I can come back from it, get back to where I am now and beyond!!

This is only the beginning!

P.s. You're all wonderful!

P.p.s. I'll post a fast before and after of actually starting FB back in late March this year. I'm astonished!!