Getting back to calorie cuts and macro counting

Hello fb family!

I apologize for the rant in advance. I am kinda getting frustrated with where I am health wise right now. I am eating healthy, exercising regularly, feeling strong, my recent blood tests for cholesterol, thyroid and iron- everything is going great. So why frustrated then?! My weight and measurements are the same since mid October :(

I got a feeling that my body is just too comfortable with its current state and doesn't want to move from it. Also it's the game of last 10-15lb fat, always harder to shred. So I decided to go back to strict 1400 cal diet (I need 2000+ for maintaining current weight) with macro checking. I am an intuitive eater, was eating roughly 1700-1800 cal these past few months. Counting every calories just makes me sad! But I see no other ways to overcome this plateau.

I have a body type which has some extra layer of subcutaneous fat which is just annoying at times. My muscle gain is hidden underneath all these fat! I know that I have to be patient, but it's just hard sometimes!

I am sorry for the long rant, but just had to get rid off my chest.