The Trap of Thinspo


Hey guys... So I've been doing an 8 week program (loving it) and over the holidays I took a few days off and ate quite a bit more than I usually do (healthy and unhealthy foods). As a result I've put on a few pounds. My body is small and I'm short so it shows more than I wish it did...

So I have been feeling pretty gross and unattractive. Needless to say I fell into the trap of looking at some "thinspo" ... Not the good kind. I have struggled with EDNOS in the past and I feel really guilty about looking at these images again. I haven't told my husband about it for fear that he will be mad at me. I don't know who to talk to but I'm getting frustrated with how easily I fell back into this unhealthy way of thinking (e.g. not eating very much = thin = happy).

Also, I am not underweight or overweight ... just ... struggling.

Thanks in advance everyone