#ScenicFBChallenge Day 6!


Good morning, FB family! Yay for the weekend, am I right? I slept in today, so this is a little late this morning.😏

Alright, blenders! Today is the final day of our #ScenicFBCommunityChallenge! We’ve got one more day of torture, everybody - lol! I can’t believe you all thank me everyday after doing these routines!😂 Isn't it funny how we actually enjoy sweating, feeling our muscles burning, and being sore? Haha! I’m actually kinda sad that it’s coming to an end. It’s been a pleasure getting to put this together, and be challenged with all of you! Great work, everyone, and y’all are so welcome! It’s really all thanks to Daniel and Kelli, for all of their hard work making these videos and website!

Ok, our final day is going to be a total body, brutal low impact, burnout routine with Daniel. I think working on our functional strength, balance, endurance, core, etc; should be a good way to finish out this challenge, and a challenge in it's self! 55 minutes is the written length.


I’m not sure if I’ll do this today or on Monday. Some people want me to play basketball today, but I want so bad to actually finish a challenge on schedule.😆 We’ll see. I’ll get it done sometime.

I had a little idea for wrapping up this challenge. It’s totally optional, but I thought I’d share it with y’all. What if we share about today like we have, and then to “celebrate” completing this challenge we can make a post sharing something in the scenic theme. For example, we could do something we like outdoors, take a pic, and share it with the community! Or since I know that may not be possible for everyone due to weather, where you live, etc: we could share a pic of something scenic, whether from recent or a while ago. It can be from, or done whenever you’d like! Something from a hike/walk/run, or some wildlife, landscape; a sunrise or sunset. A place you’ve visited, or something you’ve done in the outdoors. Or a pic of yourself like we’ve done before, because you’re beautiful too!😊 Then we can share a little about our scenic pic, how the challenge went for us, what you thought of it, your favorite day/routine, etc; and with the hashtag #ScenicFBChallengeComplete! Or of course you don’t have to share a pic at all. You can make a post with no pic, or share about it here in the comments! This was just an idea, and totally optional! I’m not even sure what I’ll do, so just like, I guess “the motto” has been for this challenge; do whatever works for you!😊 However you want to do it, I look forward to hearing that you’ve earned your #CommunityChallengeComplete!

Ok, FB family! Go be the awesome people you all are, and conquer this workout and challenge!

Love ya, blenders!

#FBfamily💙 #workoutcomplete #ScenicFBCommunityChallenge #WorkoutCompleteForK&D

Oh! I forgot to ask how y’all are feeling from yesterday, so how are you feeling from yesterday!😄 I think it was a total body workout, because I’m feeling it in different places all over. I feel it in my upper back, shoulders, triceps, obliques, outer glutes/thighs, inner thighs/hamstrings, and calves. Not really sore, but just when I do certain things I feel it. So I’d say it was a good total body day yesterday!👍🏻😁 ...Or maybe it just from everything this past week.🤔😉