Brutal Mass LB COMPLETE + 2018 goals


This was only 25 min. and I am EXHAUSTED. Switched out some of the exercises for those that suited my targeted muscles better, but overal, excellent compilation.

While 2017 has been the year of struggle, as mentioned in a previous post, my habits have absolutely evolved and I am thrilled to be stepping into 2018 having already put in a ton of work this year. My goals are a continuation and a building on what I’ve already accomplished. This is why it is SO important to take whatever small steps you can and KEEP GOING. At the start of 2017 I was at 34.5% body fat and a waist circumference of 32”. I’m heading into 2018 at 30% and 28” with a total of 8 lbs. lost. Yes, it took me an entire year to lose 8 lbs! The thing is, I’m great at short-term discipline. But, 2017 taught me nutritional sustainably and FB is a HUGE part of my success these last few months. 2018 is meeting an individual with greater mental clarity, a victor over anxiety and depression, and more knowledge about nutrition and intuitively taking care of one’s body. It’s been a TOUGH year but rewarding and I’m proud of alllll my struggles, failures, and tears. I can’t wait to see what 2018 goals I’ll crush and I’m SO looking forward to your victories, too, fellow Blenders!

As I tell myself everyday I look in the mirror and see the absence of the muscles I’m working so hard to build: JUST KEEP GOING!