#ScenicFBChallenge Day 3!


Day 3 of our #ScenicFBChallenge, blenders! We’re almost halfway through this challenge! Way to go!

How’s everybody doing after yesterday? That was pretty tough, huh? I think because I worked out last night I’m not too sore yet, but I am feeling my chest and back. I’m sure I’ll be feeling it more later! I loved reading your comments and posts yesterday! Y’all did a great job earning your #workoutcompletes, and I’m so happy to be doing this with everyone!

Alrighty, so today is lower body hiit, strength and a Pilates/Barre routine. We get to workout inside with Kelli again, and both Kelli and Daniel on the beach! I’m looking forward to this mix! Looks like a fun and brutal day to me - haha! This should be right around 45 minutes.




You all know the drill! Listen to your body, and act accordingly! Do what you need to do to make today work for you! (That sounds like a tongue twister!😂)

Also, in the Pilates/Barre video watch out for the loud bark from Loki! I have done this one before, and even though I read the comments about how bad it scared people, I still forgot and got startled by him! Haha!

Have fun blenders, and let us know how it goes, how you’re felling... all the details!😄

#FBFamily💙 #workoutcomplete #ScenicFBCommunityChallenge #WorkoutComplete💙ForK&D

P.S. Sorry I’m a little late this morning!