#ScenicFBChallenge Day 2!


Good morning, blenders!

Day 2 of our Scenic FB Challenge is here! How are you feeling from yesterday? Did I nearly kill you?😬😜 I loved reading about everyone’s workouts yesterday! That was tough, but y’all did amazing! I think it’s really, really cool how everyone made it work for them in many different ways! It reminds me of what Daniel and Kelli have talked about how fitness looks different on everyone, or how there’s not just one type of fitness that fits everyone. (I can’t remeber exactly what they said, but basically, that everyone is completely unique with different bodies and needs! ...I hope that’s not completely out of context. Haha!) I just thought it was really cool to see that yesterday in everyone’s posts/check-ins! Great job, everyone!

Ok, today is total body cardio and upper body! We have indoor and outdoor backgrounds. Inside the house, on top of a mountain and in front of a beautiful waterfall! If you’re feeling pretty sore after yesterday, then it’s probably a good idea to do low impact. Today’s mix of videos is around 50 minutes.




Remeber to listen to your body, and do what’s best for you today. Have fun, and I hope to hear about your #workoutcompletes!

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