Finished FB 30 Round 1!!



Around 2 months ago, I found Fitness Blender while looking for home workout videos. I'd already lost over 60 pounds through eating better and biking and hitting the elliptical, but since winter is coming up, I wanted to find workouts I could do from home so I wouldn't have an excuses to miss a workout (I also was getting tired of my current workout routine). After watching a few Fitness Blender videos, I was hooked! What I really love about Fitness Blender versus other workout videos is that Kelli and Daniel are very likable and relatable - they are not overly enthusiastic or bubbly and they also get exhausted doing the workouts with you. Oddly enough, hearing them say that they're tired or the workout burns motivates me more; if they are tired but pushing through so can I!

After doing a few of their videos, I purchased the 8 week FB 30 Round 1 and completed it yesterday. These past 8 weeks flew by, and I'm surprised at how much I loved this program! I lost over 10 pounds and am stronger and more toned. I start Burn Round 1 in a few days and can't wait to see what that program is like and the results I'll get.

I not only love the routines that Kelli and Daniel have created, I love that there is this entire Fitness Blender community. I check the Community page daily. Everyone here is encouraging and supportive; I consider all of you like my fitness family.

Fitness Blender has changed my approach to fitness and health for the better. Thank you Kelli and Daniel for creating fun, effective, engaging, and affordable workout videos/program!