London.....a workout for me!


Just back from two days travelling to and from London (3 hours drive from where I live) one do I had to attend, one obligatory dinner party, driving the car all over the place and travelling on the underground, visiting touristic Harrods. (Picture is of a chocolate Christmas Tree, costing 1000 pounds in Harrods, a very special and amazing shop.)

My oh my, at several points walking around the busy busy streets with all the noise around I said to my husband: I want to see the sea!!!!🤔🤣

I had a great time though, but really glad to be back home.... I am going to see the sea tomorrow!!!

Oh and even though these two days were a workout complete in my mind, I managed to get a nice half hour swim in a pool in this morning, really focussing on my breathing!

#workoutcomplete #Londonisgreatbutnottolivein #lovewhereilive