Share your Christmas traditions and recipes! 🎄


Hello Blenders!

Are you in a proper Christmas mood? Have you already bought all the presents? 😊

Since there is people from all around the world in this community, I'd love to hear from all of you how you celebrate Christmas, what are your traditions and most importantly - what food you make? Do you bake a lot? In my country we bake a lot of cookies/candy/biscuits. A LOT. Some people make 20-30 different kinds! Crazy, right? Anyway, I'd love to know what you eat at Christmas. Do you prepare healthier versions of xmas food? Please, share your recipes and add pictures if you want! You can create your own post with recipes as well, if it's easier than commenting.:) It would be great to get some inspiration from all of you!

P.S.: if you don't celebrate Christmas, you can share some favourite wintertime recipes!