Booty Bootcamp round 1 complete!

I am a mother of two and completely new to exercising. I have tried multiple times to "get fit" or at least be motivated to go to the gym, but had pretty much given up on fitness as a whole before Fitness Blender. I purchased FB Booty round 1 about 2 years ago, but two workouts into the program, I suffered a personal tragedy and had not looked at it since until a month ago. The left picture is my starting point, the right picture is one round of Booty in with no other workouts on the off days; I didn't even manage any of the extra credit workouts. It was quite a struggle, but I finished; for the first time in my life! No pounds lost and if anything, I'm wearing a larger pant size, but there is progress and it's motivating me to continue! Starting on FB 30 now. Thank you so much, Kelli and Daniel!