Home from Xmas in DC/NYC=back to business!


After a week-long break from my program (which I planned for), I am back at it! Knowing I’d be doing a ton of walking, have an abnormal schedule, and be exhausted I purposely took a break. I worked out the day my flight left and then said toodle-oo to my beloved FB! As I anticipated, we did a TON of walking in NYC and DC. So much so, my calves, glutes, and hammie’s became sore! My diet wasn’t completely clean but I didn’t exactly plan ahead and figured I’d make do. Which, I did! Made healthy choices when I could and didn’t fuss when it wasn’t feasible to (usually bc my dad or sister wanted something else). I had much more sweets than I should have but I’m happy to have walked them off, not to mention, I haven’t had any cravings for sweets since I’ve been back. Yeah!

I did take two days rest after coming home as I was mentally and physically exhausted. I slept and ate and slept. As an introvert with zero alone time for six days, I needed to recharge, badly. Today, I’m feeling back to normal and ready to dive in! Let’s do this!

Missed my FB peeps and I’m so glad to be back!