Before and after

I am starting to feel better about my body, YAY!!!

I have been working out with FB for about almost 7 or 8 months. My body has been showing some changes. But my measurements remain the same for quite some time already :(


weight: 67kg ish???

waist: 70cm (abt 27.6 inches)

hips: 100cm (abt 39.4 inches)


weight: 59kg to 61kg (it fluctuates HAHAHAHA)

waist: abt 64cm to 65 (abt 25.2inches to 25.6 inches, it fluctuates too)

hips: 90cm (35.4 inches)

Now, I am done with 1 week of FB sweat, but I need to take a 2 weeks break because my exams are coming. I am left with 1 week to study but I haven't started revising anything yet. When I am done with exams, should I restart FB sweat or should I just pick up from where I left off? I honestly feel guilty about taking a break.