Struggling to start again

Two summers ago, I was the healthiest I had every been. I was working out consistently, I wasn't eating so much junk/processed food or over eating, and I felt respect for my body and liked how I looked.

After that summer, I 'fell off the wagon' so to speak, and now I'm back at the start. I'm ordering delivery pizza at least once a week, not exercising, and I dislike how I look. My general well-being is at a low, and I feel pretty disappointed in myself for allowing myself to get back here again. I think it's because I know what it takes, and since I've done it before, I know that it's possible, but here I am not doing anything about it. I find myself blaming outside influences in the moment, but then after a binge or an excuse of not exercising, i feel quite guilty.

I want to start looking inward again, and focusing on my self-care and respecting my body. I want to remember that I just need to keep things simple and that as long as I do whats good for my health, things tend to fall into place on their own if I put in the effort. I'm starting school along with my full-time job in January, and I know the only way I'm going to be successful is if I take care of myself.

I just wanted to vent a little I suppose, get some encouragement, and get involved in this community that believes in FitnessBlender like I do.

Thank you for the read.