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Ease of use of meal plan.

The 4 week meal plan is wonderful. Thank you to Fitness Blender for all the work that went into building it. I’ve been struggling with ideas for how to make it easy to use in real life. It would be fantastic to have it sync with a program such as Plan to Eat so that users could select the days they wish to create grocery lists. If something like that isn’t possible I wonder if there is an easy way for FB to share the recipes so that they are easily imported into (and edited within) other tools with which users may be comfortable. I have just spent a whole bunch of time uploading a few recipes to Plan to Eat and looking for easier ways to do so. (I modified the privacy setting so that they are not visible outside of my account.) I would be happy to pay for an excel or word document that for the 1600 calorie plan that made the process easier.

Has anyone found solutions that work well for them?