The mum my kids used to see, compared to the one they see now!


So my daughter loves taking pictures of everything, me included, so I was scrolling through my pictures and I found one she had taken of me, and instead of hating I smiled because even though it showed how much weight I had gained, all the pictures she/I am taking now show all the weight I'm loosing! Laicy (my four year old) tells me I look beautiful everyday and every single workout I do she is next to me saying 'good job mum' 'you're awesome' so instead of sitting at a bakery with my kids which is where the first picture is taken, we are running down the beach because I can run now haha, they even do the workouts with me in the mornings (they have better form than me with squats!) so I'm so happy they're seeing me be healthier, here's a pic from 11 weeks ago to Christmas Day on the left :) I hope everyone had a great Christmas Day! Xxxxx