Daily Check-in: Saturday, November 24th & Sunday, November, 25th

Hello Blenders, and Happy Weekend!

How are you all doing this weekend? Hopefully feeling good?

Did you guys order anything from the Workout Complete launch?

I'm so happy that it seemed to go so smoothly for Kelli and Daniel yesterday! The website worked well, everything was easy to use, and the clothing selection was pretty good! I hope they are happy with what they've accomplished so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing how much further Workout Complete will grow in the future! So congrats to Kelli, Daniel, and the entire Fitness Blender and Workout Complete teams! (Hopefully you are all able to take a deep breath and relax a little after yesterday's launch! 😉)

Alright Blenders! Let's start talking a little bit about our 1000 Calorie Workout Party: Rd 2, planned for next weekend (Friday, November 30th through Sunday, December 2nd)! Remember this 1000 Calorie Workout was the winner from our voting the other day:


And if next weekend doesn't work for you time-wise--no worries! You can do the workout whenever you want, and it still totally counts towards our Workout Party! You can even break the 1000 Calorie Workout into several workouts over the course of the week if that's more manageable for you! And don't worry if you're a beginner--you can still join in too! Whether you can only do a few minutes of the workout, or you want to swap it for another workout entirely that makes you feel a bit more comfortable--that's totally fine! This Workout Party is meant to be fun, so join in however, whenever you can! (You can also do any of the 1000 Calorie Workouts and it still counts!). The idea behind this is that we're all sweating together, having fun, working out safely, and getting a hard-earned #1000CalorieWorkoutComplete!

And once we conquer that beast, I'd love to do another picture collage if you guys are interested! All you gotta do is start a post here in the Community section, and title it "#1000CalorieWorkoutCompeteRd2" (or something similar), add in a photo (could be anything--a thumbs up, a sweaty shirt, and arm flex, or just a picture of your Workout Complete screen), and we'll all celebrate conquering this beast of a workout together!

How does that sound? Do you guys like this idea? Or would you like to do something different? Please, I'd love to hear your input, questions, advice--just let me know! I love it when you guys give feedback!

Ok, so, now back to this weekend!

Are you guys working out, or are you resting?

My #WorkoutCompleteForK&D is a recovery day, followed by a full rest day. That feels much needed at this point. This week has been good, but a bit hectic, so taking it down a notch is gonna feel real good today.

And what about some good food this weekend?

I'm all about them Thanksgiving leftovers still! I don't mind--they're delicious, and it means I don't have to cook for a while! haha

What about you guys? What's on the menu for the weekend?

Well Blenders, I think I've gone on enough for today (and tomorrow too! haha)! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and I look forward to checking in with you all on Monday! Take care you guys!