Accountability/Support Group for Healthy Eating (11/23/18)

Hey everyone,

how was/is your day? (time-zones are so confusing)

I've spent mine relaxing at my parents' house (I'm home from uni right now) and going for a "short" walk (at least that was the plan, it kinda became an 11 km hike through the forest, whoops).

Anyway: yay, I've not binged today and had nothing to sugary! It's only the first day, I'm doing this, but I find it easier already to resist the temptation of eating junk food when I know I'll share with you later.

Isn't the attached image lovely? I thought it would fit this group so well, since eating right (for you) is also about caring for your physical and mental health. Binging makes me feel good for the immediate moment, but the guilt after makes stress and anxiety even worse. A thing that I know intellectually, but that's so hard to live by!

See ya tomorrow 👋

Svenja (Blueberry)