Accountability Group: Interest?


Hello FB community,

lately I've noticed myself slipping back into my sugar addiction in response to heightened (emotional) stress during the last few months. I've started binging on sugary foods and then skipping meals to make up for that, which is obviously not a constructive mindset or behaviour.

Now, I've wondered if there was someone else who is struggling with sugar addiction and if there are people, if there would be interest in forming an accountability group to keep track of our sugar consumption and eating habits? I thought it could work sort of like an interactive online diary: I start a discussion daily and then we could talk about successes and throwbacks in the comments or something? Maybe we could also make this into a 30 day challenge. I've never really done stuff like this (and honestly, I miss the FB app a little), so just leave a comment if you are interested in that sort of thing at all.

Lots of love to y'all

Svenja (aka Blueberry)