Daily Check-in: Thursday, November 22nd, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Hello Blenders and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

I just wanted pop on here with quick check-in to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm so grateful for so many things in my life: my little buddy in Heaven right now, my husband, my baby girls, my home, my chickens, my friends & family, my Fellow Blenders, and, of course, Fitness Blender.

I'm so grateful for Kelli and Daniel, and everyone at Fitness Blender, for creating this awesome community full of so many fantastic people. I'm thankful for each and every one of you who checks in with me each day.

I honestly feel like "thank you" and "being full of gratitude" isn't even a strong enough way to say how much I appreciate you guys.

Maybe "thankfulness"?

Hm. Good, but not great.

Maybe just straight up "gratitude"?

Not quite.


I've got it!


That's it!

I've got MAXIMUM THANKITUDE for all my Fellow Blenders here!

So Happy Thanksgiving to you all! And if you aren't celebrating today I still hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks so much for checking in, and enjoy your day!