Strong Day 22


Today's workout is going to be rescheduled for tomorrow for me. I had a doctor appointment today to check up on my blood pressure so I didn't get home until late. My blood pressure is still slightly high even after taking this blood pressure medicine I got prescribed. So now I have to take a higher dose. It's better than my last visit from 3 weeks ago though! Just still slightly high. More good news for me: I've apparently lost 3 lbs since my last doctor visit 3 weeks ago. I'm so happy. I went from only losing a pound a month for several months to now being down 3 lbs in about a month. I really believe that Strong has contributed to this. I was inspired by Kelli's positive talk about strength training and after feeling hopeless after not losing anything for months, I believed that lifting more could help me get over my plateau. I'm so happy I bought strong and a pair of powerblocks to go with it back then. Now round 2 is almost over and I'll be on to the next program with more positivity about losing weight :)

P.S. The doctor felt my arm/bicep today and told me I have big guns 😂