Goal for 2018.....new goal for 2019 set!


For 2018 my goal was to swim 2.2k in July in the sea. I set that goal in July 2017, after seeing the finishers of the Pier-to-pier swim in Bournemouth in the UK. I thought I was a good swimmer, I had done 2k in a pool before.... well, pool swimming and open water swimming are two totally different things!! I joined a seaswimmers club in September 2017 and realised how different swimming in the sea was! We went on till half October, after which the water got too cold and the evenings too dark. Then I started with them at the end of April 2018 again. In between I trained a lot in the pool. I didn’t realise my swimming needed a lot of improvement to be able to do that 2.2k in open water.

I did it though!!! And 5 weeks later I even managed a 3.8k swim in a lake..... If anyone had told me in 2017 I would be doing that, I would have said: “don’t be stupid, no way I can do that!” Well....

Photo shows me just after finishing both times.

My goal for 2019: I have put my name down for a hilly 10k in May..... I do a lot of exercise and outdoor physical activity, but running is not my forte (5k my max) so definitely something to train hard for. But I am going to try, that’s for sure!