Booty flex 11.12.18


Happy Monday! Today was upper body bored easily format, day 10 of Flex. You have to understand. Unless it is a hiit workout, I generally can't stand bored easily. It makes me feel uncoordinated with no clear purpose and all over the place. But this particular workout surprised me. I know I have had a bit of fall off on my upper body strength, so it made a good test to see if I've made any progress yet in the program. Back up to 20 # on bicep curls and 7.5 pounds on lateral raises so slowly building back up.

The extra credit was nice because I could already tell by the end of the workout that there was some soreness creeping in on the shoulders. The stretching has been added to my favorites. It's interesting during this round I have learned to appreciate the purpose of some thing I would have normally skipped or disregarded, what a difference in just about 6 months time. Enjoy the day!