Finishing Abs 2 + Pizza Party Rd 2!


I loved this program! I hadn't worked out 5 days a week in a while but I had the time so it was awesome!

Now on to XT program. Working full time hours for the next 3 months plus 1.5 hr commute everyday. I think I will enjoy doing some older videos I haven't done in a while! If Kellie and Daniel don't put out a new program for the first of the year I'm thinking Strong after XT.

So I didn't take a picture but I did eat pizza pasta last night! It was just a microwaveable so it didn't look the greatest but it was good. Michaelangelo's for the win!

Update on the pains I was having in my neck. So isn't it funny...ur hurting for months and then u start telling people about it and then it gets better. I swear it's healing just to talk about! So all good for now I guess!!