[FBsweat: Day1]


Today was my first day of #FBsweat and whoa, I think I will sleep like a baby tonight and wake with soreness all over me tomorrow.

I used to mix and match different FB's free workout videos every day to work out. But, from a certain point onwards, I started to pick and choose only the "easy" ones and found myself getting lazy.

Hence I thought it was a good time to try out one of the programs- like a fresh start, you know?

So it was a fresh start of my NEW work out with #FBsweat and I totally loved the first day!

Also, I FINALLY got my courage to actually write here and share my progress. I was always too scared to share my workout progress because.. you know- I may become lazy, and if I don't post any f/up posts, it makes me look lazy and NOT self-devoted and "weak". But today, I decided to share - somewhat to be more strict to myself. I will try to post every day to share my workouts and hopefully, I will be more fit by the time I write my last post.

#FBsweat #icandothis