Fbburn done! But some issue with pelvic floor


My first workout program completion in Australia! It took me 5 weeks instead of 4 as I was down with some back muscle stiffness. But I am glad to finish anyway! I feel stronger and 1 kg lighter! 💪🏽😃

However I have noticed some uncomfortable issue with my pelvic floor. Last couple of weeks I can barely do any jumping jacks kind of exercise without feeling like as if I am about to pee. Couple of times I had to rush to the toilet. I have already started kegel exercises but realized my plevic floor is too weak to hold for 5 seconds. So I am just trying 1-2 seconds.

I am not or never been pregnant before and my pelvic floor used to be quite ok. Maybe once or twice I felt this way many months ago when I was down with serious flu. But right now I have no idea what's wrong. Any insight/suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!