Thank you Kelli and Daniel !!

I have never posted on this forum, however been a lurker for quite some time! I discovered FB a few years ago and dipped in and out of the workouts but never really committed. Last year I was 34, getting married and wanted to get in shape. I couldn't believe my eyes before I started when the scales said 11 stone (154lbs)! I am 5 ft 4 and had always been around 126 - 130 lbs. I couldn't believe I'd let my weight creep on over the years!

I started counting calories which I found to be very helpful because it gives you an idea of what you are actually putting into your body and actually stopped me from eating when I didn't actually feel hungry.

I started with a PT twice a week who worked out my daily calorie intake for weight loss and I tried to stick to this as much as possible.

I then bought FB sweat - and that was the game changer. After the first month the weight dropped off and I reduced by PT sessions to once a week and then to zero times per week! I loved working out at home with no one else around - I can make as many pain noises as I need! :)and don't have to worry about what I'm wearing!

I got married in August 2017 and had lost over 2 stone (28lbs). However I cared more about the inches and my shape and was pleased with both.

BUT fast forward to now and I have put on 16lbs :( I am so annoyed at myself. We moved to another country after we got married where youtube is not easily accessible. The food here can be hard to track as it is quite oily and we eat out a lot! But enough of the excuses - the fact is I stopped exercising and ate whatever and whenever I wanted without thinking of the consequences. The wedding was the goal that made me determined and now I didn't have it!

So one month ago I started FB sweat again. On the days when I couldn't access youtube I was able to do the exercises as per the list on the website. (Not as fun as working out with K and D!) I worked out my calorie deficit and have tried to stick to this around the month - although there has been a city trip and some desserts included in that, which sent me way off. The first week killed me and it took me about 4.5 weeks to finish, however i finished yesterday and couldn't believe the results. I was so worried about the results - I did only 1 extra credit workout the whole time! I also did hardly any extra low intensity - I hit about 10,000 steps per day maybe 10 days, the rest was less that 3000 steps per day!!!

Anyway to my huge surprise these are the results: -

Waist - Before 23 inches, Now 21.5 inches

Tummy (ie the paunch!) Before 26 inches, Now 25.5 inches

Hips - Before 31.5 inches - Now 31 inches

Bust - Before 26 inches, Now 25 inches

Thigh - Before 17.5 inches, Now 18.5 inches (think it must be all the squats!)

Arm - Before 8.5 inches, Now 8 inches

Weight before 65.3 kg, Now 64.6 kg

Sorry but I can't put pictures up - too self conscious! and for now I think the difference is minimal - Im hoping next month will see some bigger differences!

It just goes to show that FB advice and programmes really work. Yes it is common sense - use more calories than you consume and you will lose weight - but for me it is more that that - genuinely they make me enjoy working out. I enjoy feeling fitter and healthier and am not thinking about the scales. I am determined to keep up with this lifestyle change and have K and D to thank - so thank you!! And Kelli I hope you are feeling better soon - sending you lots of love. xx