Feeling like an athelete


I had to do the HIIT portion twice to make this hard enough. And that is amazing, because a year ago this workout nearly killed me! It's so amazing to see how much my stamina & endurance has increased over the last year, i am absolutely blown away. I feel like an Olympic athlete.

These last few months have been tough for me. More like this past year. I've been working out, staying healthy, but very withdrawn. I am finally coming out of that dark spell, and to add to that being in the best shape of my life is incredible.

Thank you Kelli & Daniel. Your workouts really helped me keep my head up, even on the worst days, those 30 minutes were my only moments of clarity.

To anyone out there going through a rough time...taking care of your physical needs is incredibly therapeutic. Even if your heart & soul are hurting, having something else to focus on, to put that depressive energy towards and turn it into something positive is such a benefit.

Seriously, you guys are amazing.