Booty flex day 3


So I totally missed yesterday's workout but I made up for it today. Thanks to Daylight Savings time I was able to get up super early but it was essentially an hour later than my normal time. Yesterday was bananas as our air conditioning system in our house has to be replaced and we were trying to get estimates and figure out how to handle it. Even though I didn't work out yesterday, by the time I went to two grocery stores to do the shopping for the week went to my son's soccer game and took him shoe shopping and laundry and all the other random stuff that moms do around the house my Fitbit said I burned 3100 calories yesterday. No wonder I slept like a baby.

Anyway enough of my rambling. So I did day 3 of both programs today as I woke up this morning with no soreness and I knew I missed yesterday's workout.whenever I do total body I was do legs first because you get the lie down for some of the lower body exercises it almost feels like a little break. Lol. Maybe that's just me. I actually thought this was a good day to combine if you have to because both workouts included a mix of exercises with and without weights. Plus the upper body was mixed with abs so that wasn't as harsh either. Don't get me wrong I did those workouts about 3 hours ago and I can already feel soreness creeping in so tomorrow might have to be a rest day. We will see. But since I had the time I got the workouts in. Anyone else?