How to deal with stress and emotional eating?


So yeah!

I've been doing through some stress and emotional things in my life.

And I know I am kind of a stress and emotional eating. I want to change that. I know that, because it is a habit that I have for loooong time, it might be difficult to change that, but I know it can be done!

October was a hard month. I did just like 3 workout completes the last three days of the month, and I started november with one to. Those days I ate well and control my anxiety.

But today, I started my day well, I ate a healthy and good breakfast and lunch, but this afternoon I ate junk good and chocolate (not mortified about the chocolate but I am about the junk food).

I think that when I follow a healthy path, I am much better, and with time I don't even hace ton think about it. But when I go off rails, It hard top go back on track.

Ok so, anyways. What are your advice? Have anyone here felt this way?