Things have changes for the better since my last post

Hi Everyone, about 2 months ago I posted an article, this was the Title for it:

By Riki A—2 months ago

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Discouraged and trying hard not to give up.


Well...that was 2 months ago. After that post, I took a week out because I needed a mental health break to try to re-evaluate. I still ate well but didn't work out.

After that week I jumped back on board. I started FB Burn and i didnt quit..i pushed hard. I comitted to not missing a day other than when i had a rough cold and it stopped me and when work got in the way. In those 2 months i only missed a few days here and there and only when i had no other option.

Well i have some good news. Originally my only change was flexibility but now I have more.

I started FB at 249lbs. As of writing this, I am at 233lb which is the lowest point I can ever remember being and boy the changes are starting to show. Every part of my body has changed and has become very noticeable. MY strength and increased by a fair amount along with my flexibility.

But the best part of it all is i feel freaking fantastic and people are noticing. I am even more confident in work which is pushing me to get noticed by the higher-ups as i have the confidence in myself to push to be noticed.

Every aspect of myself is far better than i imagined and i still have a long way to go. But now i have that motivation i am going to push harder. !!!!!!

Fitness Blender and the Community behind it are helping me increase my quality of life by leaps and bounds!!!