Portion size of sweet fruits (specially mango!)


I LOVE fruits! Everyday 2 different kinds (3 if you consider avocado) of fruit is a staple in my diet. Many of them are sweet fruits. I eat a medium sized banana almost everyday it's been two years, also most days a piece of date is normal. Besides that, apples, pears, melons, berries and grapes are also regular but not everyday.

This habit of sweet fruits never felt like too much sugar as I have zero habit of sodas, added sugar etc. But since I moved in to Australia, I can't get enough of mangoes! It's my favorite fruit and I have been deprived of it for last 8 years in Europe (sorry, but European imported expensive mangoes taste really bad!). So I am basically eating half of a medium to big sized mango almost every day. I have zero idea about portion size of mango since I just love it TOO MUCH!

Anyone have an idea what could be an ideal portion size of mango/day? Thanks!

P.S. I am 5'3", 62-63 kg, 29" waist, trying to stay on a 1600-1800 cal diet through intuitive eating.