Booty/Flex Day 1


Because I just love leg day, I started my second round of booty/flex with Booty today :) My goal (life permitting), is to complete the booty/flex combo by November 30th. Feel free to jump in if you like, its not too late :)

For Jacqueline and anyone else who wants to jump in with me, I'll post every day in November but Thursdays, more than likely, unless someone else wants to have posts on Thursday. Thursday is generally going to be my rest day which is why I might not post those days.

Today's combo was HIIT with additional cardio. I almost didn't hit pause for the extra credit squat challenge, but curiosity got the best of me although I was wiped out by the time Kelly said time for cooldown.

I actually saved this workout to my favorites. I didn't remember doing it, but I liked all the exercises except those surfboard get ups. Not a fan, but I did burpee holds instead. I like the fact that this has everything all in one video, plus I liked the exercises, so it was a win win for me.

Happy Halloween everyone!!! :) (and of course, happy workout complete)