Eek! Just noticed progress!

As many of you know, I had a major operation late July, wasn't allowed to lift a glass, let alone go for a walk around the block and didn't exercise for 7 weeks. Then had to have another surgery and didn't exercise for a further 2 weeks. Then had to slowly get back to absolutely everything and everything was exhausting.

I lost 22lbs with Weight Watchers - learning to listen to my body, feed it the right things and the right portions (I was never unhealthy, just snacked too much and ate portions that were too big). The recent FB article about food and awareness etc is exactly what I've done through WW. I've been 'at goal' since December 2017 and looked to increase my strength, shape etc since Feb of this year when I found Fitness Blender. I pulled my neck out really badly and then couldn't do much exercise in the whole month of March!

Yesterday I tried on my 'special' new bikini for our trip to Mexico this Xmas (special because one boob is an insert until January when it's reconstructed) and was amazed at what I saw in the mirror. Then noticed the difference between that and a photo I took in April!!

I so incredibly proud of myself for seeing this change despite a really really tough summer, physically. Mentally I pulled myself through it all and continue to be only positive.

Anyone who's struggling or needs time off: I'm proof that throughout a year of difficulties in keeping the routine constant, as long as you keep going when you can and "control what you can control" (has been my motto throughout) you will see results.

I also don't know exactly what Kelli is going through, but I'm sure she does what she can do, when she can, and controls what she can control. I was thinking of her throughout my recovery and counting myself lucky that my situation means there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to slowly get back to those burpees and jump squats. Wishing her good health and strength, if the team sees this.

My strength hasn't fully returned, but I'm working hard every day at it. I'll post another photo front-on in Xmas just before we go away as that will hopefully show further improvement.

FB and the community here are beyond wonderful. I wouldn't be this happy without you all. Xx