Meteoropathy - had to stop my workout


At the moment we have here a really big storm coming from the south and the atmospheric pressure is lower then normal and I just feel it. I am tired and have no energy, so I thought, just do a workout, you always feel better afterwards.

I started the tabata lower body workout and it was ok at the beginning, but I had to take longer rests and I felt weaker then the last time I did this workout.

But it was ok, because every day is different so I wasn't worried. Then I had to do the sumo squats, I just got dizzy and had to lie down on my mat so I wouldn't pass out. I drank a lot of water and ate a banana, a little bit of cheese and bread. Now I feel a lot better, still shaky but ok.

I measured my blood pressure, it is 102/67 and my pulse is 72. Normally I am between 110-115 / 70-75 and my pulse is from 65 to 75.

I really like to know if some of you have the same struggle due to weather changes and what are you doing to get over it, because it is annoying, I hate to be powerless.

I hope the storm will be over soon and I can function normally.