My current situation + happy holidays!

Hello everyone!

I am not regular in the forum these days partly because of health issue, partly because I am not getting time enough to breathe properly. I had to retreat myself from regular workouts because of knee and lower back problem. I am getting better, but I need few more days to jump into high intensity workouts. Trying to healthy, and walk as much as I can.

Another thing is work situation. I have been working with some mathematical problems 12hrs/day like crazy! Feeling like an owl these days, no sleep, just brain work. All college students out there, think before you go to do Science! I love my job, but it really sometimes take out all the stored energy of life. Science indeed can be quite exhausting!

Good thing is that holiday started! I am waiting for my sister and nephew-niece coming today. I will play with the kids all the holidays. Hopefully it will heal my exhausted overused mind.

Happy holidays everyone! Stay healthy, enjoy the time with family and friends !