Eight months with FB!

Eight months with FB and I like my results. Since I don't like sharing real life pictures here's a creepy body visualizer screenshot!

Though I've only lost like 5 lbs (160lbs now), I've lost inches! - 3.5 bust and hips, - 4.75 waist. Body fat went down a couple of %s as well. Also gained nice definition on my arms.

I've switched to cleaner eating, don't count calories and just try and watch what I eat. Saturdays are cheat meal days.

Low Impact was my go to program. I've tried FB30 a couple of times, but my hamstring and knees can't handle the exercises and I'm prone to injuries even when I try and watch out not to strain something. So I plan my own workouts and hope to one day be able to do FB30!

Have a nice day all!