Workout complete for FB BURN round 2


Hello :) I would like to use this discussion to track all my workout complete".

If you are doing the program you can join me too...

This is my first program, I was picking videos on my own before but I didn't workout since the end of the summer.

My goal is to finish the program (in 4 or 5 weeks would be good), to get fitter and stronger (I would like to be able to do at least 10 push ups on my knees...I'm doing 5 right now with a lot of effort).

I want to do challenge myself with this program to be less stressed and have more energy. Lose some weight would be good but is not my main focus.

Today was day 1 and it was just the right workout to start, a little difficult but not too much for me (maybe 3.5/5). I'm feeling good right now and very relaxed.

Thank you so much FB !!

(Please be kind on my English as I'm not a native English speaker...)