Progress Since July, Setbacks & Goals

Hi! I really wish I would have taken before pics. I started my first round of FB strong on June 28th. So far I’ve done 3 rounds of FB Strong and 1 round of FB Mass. I am Currently on my second round of FB Mass, I’m on day 8 today. I haven’t really changed my diet, I’m not big on fast food and eating out and have never really had a problem over eating. But my weakness is sweets! I drink a lot more water and have cut soda out.

I had a huge setback in September, I lost my father who I was extremely close to. I ate like crap, didn’t feel like working out but I pushed myself to. I feel like for 2.5 weeks of my workouts I didn’t give it 100%. I didn’t want to do anything but sit and be sad and cry.

It took so much to get up and flip on my computer, grab my weights and press play. But after every workout I felt a little better.

After all my dad wouldn’t want me sitting around and sad. He loved to workout and be physically fit! So I got off my butt and kept trucking along.

I’m happy with my progress so far and I want to continue to get stronger and healthier.

I think it’s also time to change my diet a bit, like I said my diet isn’t horrible but I do have a sweet tooth and I had few setbacks right after my father passed away indulging in more sweets and drinking soda.

So I’m cutting soda out 100% again and get smarter about what I’m putting into my body.

Here are my progress pics, and like I said I post this in hopes of encouraging others who are struggling. I know it gets rough sometimes and it’s so much easier to not pull your weights out and push play on that video.

But pull those weights out and push play, I promise you’ll feel so much better when you hear that “workout complete”.