Working out when sick.


So I wanted others opinions. I am three weeks into the FB30 and suddenly the plague (very bad cold or flu) went through my work. I feel I got it the easiest but I still suffered the really bad head stiffness, sore throat headache and next to no sleep. I never feel sick anyways. I felt fine. But I was worried about putting too much on my body. So I did not do the HIIT day on wed. I feel terrible but I just wanted to make sure that this was the right move. I did the rest of the week and can breathe now. Was that the right decision? I felt fine and felt I may have been able to push through but I am just starting the journey to listening to my body. I do not want to fall back to my lazy routine. I'm sure I am just putting this here for validation but still I like other thoughts. Thanks a bunch. Namaste