Just need a litte motivation, that I will reach my goal even if i cant see results rn ^^


Hey guys.

On the last post you were so helpfull and I am so glad I actually asked for help and motivation here. So I am doing it again :).

I am doing 1h - 1,5 h of exercise per day (6 times a week), I am doing a bit more strength training then cardio, focusing my legs, abs and arms.




These are workouts I am doing with a maximum of 5kg per hand and 12kg total (for squats etc). I started lifting weights 1,5 weeks ago so I think I will get better at lifting more heavy with time. After these 30-50min workouts I do one of their 10min workouts focusing on a body part that I havent trained the last day. I also do one of their 1000kcal challenge one time a week.

I am eating very healthy, a lot of protein and multiple meals a day. I eating 1900kcal a day, but when I am on my period or after I did a 1000kcal challenge I eat more (2000-2200kcal). Of course I am drinking enought water (2-4l a day, not sparkly water).

So I really want to achive a muskular figure. I already have very good curves but I think a toned butt and slight abs are quite sexy. I don't want to get ripped or jacked or anything. Muscular and healthy is my goal and I already feel so much better with doing 1hr exercise nearly everday before university.

So I want to achieve my goal at christmas and I am 2 full months in without cheating, giving up or anything. I don't want to stop doing this when I am happy with the results of course. It just motivates me so much when I think about finally seeing my family at christmas and showing them what I have achieved (Dad and I are having a little competition here :P).

But with getting deeper and deeper into the topic I feel like 2,5 months are not enought time to do it. What do u think?

(So I know that what u see on instagramm, pinterest, facebook is most likely fotoshopped and if not they use flattering agles, taking pictures before eating and drinking etc. So for all you girls and guys out there: Don't compare yourself to that. When u look down your body u will always see a little pouch and when u see in the mirror in the evening u always look havier then in the moring. I don't even have a scale to measure my weight. Just love yourself and be proud for all the hard work your are putting into getting in shape and healthy. On pictures lighning, clothes and positure is everything.

I took these pics in the afternoon. The fotos on the left are not posed and my belly is not sucked in. The ones on the right i posed. Just to show the difference :) )

I really apprechiate everyone who reads this ridiculous long post. Please don't mind my spelling and gramma mistakes. English is not my mother language.

Your Celi