Confessions of an over-exerciser


Hi all :) So for many years now, I have been obsessive about my exercise - If I didn't workout for at least 50 minutes, pretty much every day, I would start to stress and freak out. Even on my so-called 'rest days' I would fret and worry and stress unless I could at least do some HIIT or go for a run - just so I felt like I had done something. I would do a 45 minute video, and then search for another one to add on because that wasn't enough - even if it was a really hard HIIT/strength workout that wiped me out. I realised that this was a problem when I was still trying to workout when I was sick or injured (I rolled an ankle running one morning), and not resting when I knew I should have.

SO, I have decided to make a deliberate effort to limit my workout addiction! From now on in I will have TWO rest days a week (no exercise allowed, except for gentle walking or stretching), and on the remaining 5 days, I will only workout for a max of 40 minutes. I am thinking of trying one of the 'workouts for busy people' programs and see how I go.

Anyone else struggle with workout addiction? I would love to hear how you managed to get yourself back into a healthy groove :)