What would you do?


I've been struggling with lower back pain for about a year now; the first injury occurring when I moved a couch, pulled something, and immediately started crying. Since then, it has been a battle, and sometimes I go for days or weeks with nothing more than a mild discomfort. Then, days like today I give up half way through my workout because I am in pain. It's not consistent and it's frustrating.

So, I've decided to go back to the physical therapist and I think I need to cut down on the intense workouts for a while until my back is well enough for 40+ squats or dead lifts without pain, discomfort, or just giving up. But, I'm afraid of losing the progress I have made (albeit, minimal. But hey, I can do a burpee now!)

I'm thinking about ditching the car and walking home from work each day, which will give me a 40 minute mild cardio boost for the day! But that doesn't seem like enough; so what do I do? How can I continue to make progress but be gentle to my back? What would you do?