Hello everyone!

Just completed the KickA$$ Community Challenge and loved it! Many thanks to Kim for putting this one together and Raven for the great idea of Community Challenges. Also, congrats to all that have already completed, and best of luck and a lot of fun to those who plan to do so! Some personal highlights:

Day 1: Had so much fun with the inclusion of side-kicks and roundkicks in the workout! As much as I love FB's kickboxing routines, sometimes they do not include kicks or just a few. Was also great to see how high I now reach at roundkicks in proper form!

Day 2: Love the Pilates burnout-round after the descending reps strength part, which allows bumping up the weight! Always end up killing those muscles with this workout :-)

Day 3: One of the best FB core routines in my opinion. Love how kickboxing works out the entire torso so thoroughly. And very happy about those front kicks!

Day 4: I'm not a big friend of low impact cardio and workouts where the whole exercise succession is repeated in a 2nd round, but enjoyed the total-body aspect. I typically include 2 days lower-, 2 days upper-body and 1 core day in my workout week, so this was a welcome change.

Day 5: Perhaps my favorite FB kickboxing routine! In particular combinations like 'Duck x2, Jab, Cross, Uppercut x2', 'Shin Block, Jab, Cross, Shin Block' and 'Shin Block, Knee x2, Hook, Uppercut' make me feel like a total bada$$.

My schedule this week included some days with no chance for a workout, so the whole took longer to complete, but I still enjoyed it very much. Sweated buckets and pushed myself hard, so at the end of this I feel accomplished and perfectly satisfied.